Advocate Karol Konsek’s law firm has its headquarters in Katowice, however its activity involves the entire country.

One of the most significant attributes of the office is the appropriate arrangement of rules of cooperation with client, through the assurance of comprehensive and effective legal service. The professionalism of offered by the chamber services is a guaranty of the top grade legal service directed alike to entrepreneurs, individuals and institutions. The legal service is provided in Polish, English and German languages.

You are very welcome to familiarize with information regarding the law firm.

Our Offer

The chamber offers professional legal assistance directed alike economic subjects including community partnerships, public institutions and individuals.

Owing to long-term experience and knowledge of difficulties that meet the entrepreneurs in management of the economic activity, we offer professional and comprehensive legal assistance for economic subjects – starting from every action connected with economic activity inception, afterwards its management to activities related with restructuring, dissolution or insolvency.

We provide with success administrative, control, register (KRS), fiscal and penal economic proceedings on the stage of the preparatory, judicial and executive procedures. We adjust our offer with our clients’ needs generating the optima solutions.

Within the legal service of economic subjects, we deal with preparation and opinion of the commercial agreements projects and legal consultancy in negotiations preceding the conclusion.

The Office also provides complex legal assistance regarding public universities. The service includes consulting in labour law, civil law, administrative law, public procurement law and higher education law.

Our offer is also directed to individual clients within a range:

  • broadly defined civil law i.e. investigation and defence from civil claiming in matters of payment, compensatory cases including mistakes in medicinal art, insurance, personal interests protection, members of the management board responsibility for the company commitment (civil law tax arrears), building law, vindication of liability on pre-court, court and executive stages
  • inheritance law i.e. acquisition of the inheritance statement, inheritance division, legitim
  • property law i.e. acquisitive prescription, servitude, co-ownership abolition
  • family and guardianship law i.e. divorce, separation, alimony, access to children, married couple financial matters including the division of the common wealth
  • penal law i.e. I represent clients as defence counsel and auxiliary prosecutor agent on the stage of preliminary and judicial proceedings in the matters of offence and crime, including also penal revenue and economic crimes
  • labour and social security law i.e. in cases of reinstatement or compensation for unlawful termination of employment, appeal of all Social Insurance Institution’s (ZUS) decisions, notably within refusal to grant the right to pension or retirement pension.
  • administrative law i.e. preparing complaints to the Regional or Supreme Administrative Court, representing the clients against tax authorities and Administrative Courts.

By means of all approachable legal measures we always aim to the most rewarding to our client solution of existing conflict, using to this end minimum of conciliatory judiciary powers or mediation.

The chamber uses the assistance of sworn translators, property valuers, statutory auditors and experts of others specializations. The office also continuously cooperates with notarial office.

Our Team

Karol Konsek
Karol Konsek
Marceli Wrzałek
Marceli Wrzałek
Przemysław Gwardys
Przemysław Gwardys
Monika Lange
Monika Lange
Administration clerk

Price List

Applied by the chamber prices are determined by specification and nature of the case and also the lawyer’s amount of labour. Prices are established personally during the conversation with the client. The firm uses the following methods of settlement:

1. Hourly rate – applies mainly to continuous service for individual clients or economic subjects and also in cases where it is not possible to define the working time and amount of labour.

2. Flat rate – applies strictly to particular assignment where it is possible to define the working time and amount of labour.

3. “success fee” – established as a percentage of amount of the wining case.

As to the principle of the office the fee is paid in advance. It is possible to make the payment in instalments. In the event of “success fee” case it can be agreed only as a part of the payment, it is mandatory to deposit the part of the fee as a flat rate or hourly rate.

In the area of legal advice and also preparation of documents and contracts, the cost of legal support is established individually depending on complexity of the case and the working time needed for its realization.

Detailed information about the amount of hourly rate, flat rate or “success fee” will be given after asking for its indication.






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